Meet Your 2021 Board Candidates
Meet Your 2021 Board Candidates

The candidates for the 2021 Board of Directors election have been officially determined by the nominating committee. The races in District 11 and District 13 are uncontested. There are two candidates for District 16.

All members in District 16 will receive ballots included with their annual report, which will be mailed out at the end of May. Members can mail in their ballots, bring it to one of High West Energy’s drop boxes by June 16, or cast their vote in person at the annual meeting on Thursday, June 17.


The District 11 incumbent is Michael Lerwick. Because no other members submitted applications to run for this seat, Mr. Lerwick will be automatically reelected to a three-year term.


The District 13 incumbent is Ed Prosser. Because no other members submitted applications to run for this seat, Mr. Prosser will be automatically reelected to a three-year term.


District 16 covers the eastern section of Cheyenne. The candidates for this district are Kristie Bibbey and Kosha Olsen. High West Energy encourages all members in District 16 to review this information so they can make an informed decision.

Kristie Bibbey

“I am excited to announce my candidacy for the District 16 High West Energy board of directors,” said Mrs. Bibbey, a lifelong resident of Laramie County. “It would be an honor to give back to the membership by serving in this capacity. I grew up in Wyoming, and High West Energy became a part of my life while my father enjoyed 34 successful years as a lineman, foreman, and retired as the operations manager. High West Energy has left a lasting impression on me through the years.”

As a teenager, Mrs. Bibbey attended the Nebraska Rural Electric leadership camp in Halsey; this camp brings together Nebraska and Wyoming high school students to have fun while learning about electricity. While at the camp, Mrs. Bibbey learned about the legislative process, electric power generation, and rural electric programs.

Mrs. Bibbey would later be selected as a youth ambassador for High West, representing the co-op at Youth Tour in Washington, D.C. Mrs. Bibbey, a 2005 graduate from the University of Wyoming, currently works as a real estate agent.

“I have excellent experience with High West, and I would greatly appreciate your support and look forward to representing members in District 16.”

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Kosha Olsen

Mrs. Olsen grew up on the High West lines and has been a member since 2015. She holds a degree in communications from Kean University, and worked as the communications director for the Wyoming Stock Growers Association from 2003-2013. She is currently the program director for the Wyoming Beef Council and an independent public relations contractor. Mrs. Olsen and her husband, Brian, live in Cheyenne. They have three children, Finn, Ian and Ivy.

Mrs. Olsen has a strong background of knowledge about High West Energy. Her grandparents were members when the co-op was founded in 1937. She grew up on a farm near Albin, where her parents are still members.

“Co-ops go beyond providing affordable, reliable services,” said Mrs. Olsen. “They also place value in supporting and connecting their members and communities. High West Energy prioritizes these values, and it is an honor to serve on the board of directors. This is a dynamic time for energy generation and distribution. As your director from District 16, I focus on integrity, innovation and thoughtful strategy. Rural America is a unique place to live and work, and much care and planning should go into the systems and services that connect us to the world.”

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