You’re in Control with EZ Pay

As part of High West’s ongoing commitment to making new choices available to members, we are proud to offer EZ Pay, a program where residential members can prepay for their electric service. EZ Pay gives current and new members the choice to shift away from the traditional billing method – where you receive and pay a statement each month – and instead pay for your power in advance. Our EZ Pay program offers several benefits which some members may find appealing:

  • No deposits: Current members who made a deposit when they started service will have their deposits refunded to their account.
  • Access your account from any phone or computer 24/7: Members on EZ Pay are required to provide a current email address and register on SmartHub. You can monitor your account and stay up to date on your account status from any smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • No bills in the mail. Ever
  • No more monthly due dates
  • No disconnect fees
  • No reconnection fees
  • Same reliable services

You can begin your EZ pay account with as little as $50, and just like that you have $50 of credit toward your electric bill. Based on your usage, the High West system will automatically notify you when you have approximately four days of power left on your account. Using SmartHub, you can add money back into your account with payments as low as $5.

How do you begin using EZ Pay? It’s EZ as 1-2-3.

  1. Contact High West at 307-245-3261 and ask for a prepay agreement. This contract, which contains the full details of the EZ Pay program, must be signed by the member.
  2. We will review your account status to confirm that you qualify.*
  3. Make sure you have paid $50 into your account and provided an email address, and we handle the rest!

*Members do not qualify for EZ Pay if:

  • Their account is on medical alert status.
  • Their account is on budget billing or auto pay and they wish to maintain these features.
  • They have an unpaid balance. Members must have a $50 credit to start EZ Pay.

Interested in learning more about EZ Pay? Call High West Energy or come speak to us in person, and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions and help you decide if EZ Pay is the right fit for you.