Available to anyone charging electric vehicles at certain Cooperative owned public EV fast charging stations (“the stations”) where the cooperative provides charging service and direct billing to the station user, in accordance with the Cooperative’s membership agreement, Bylaws, policies, regulations, and the Conditions of Service set forth herein, as well as applicable Rules of the Wyoming Public Service Commission.


The stations may be accessed by any person (“user”) who resides either within or outside the Cooperative’s service territory. EV charging service will be available at the Cooperative-owned stations installed at Company or Host locations. The stations will be accessible to the public for charging.

Type of Service

Single-phase, 60 hertz, at available secondary voltage.

Monthly Rate

Service Charge

$1.00 / per charge



Energy Charge

$0.30 / kWh

Tariff Rate Rider

This rate schedule is subject to the Tariff Rate Rider set forth on Sheet Nos. 79, 81, 81a, and 81b.

Conditions of Service

  1. The member shall agree not to hold the Cooperative liable for any loss resulting from the interruption of the charging equipment.

  2. Service will be metered so that individual charging times can be easily determined and billed.