High West Energy, Inc. operations are carried out under the policies established by the Board of Directors.

Each member of the Board of Directors is an active member of the cooperative and obtains electricity from the cooperative. Our directors share your interest in the quality of the services High West provides.

You and your fellow members elect our directors at the co-op’s annual meeting in June. Every year, at least two positions are open on the High West Energy Board of Directors. Every third year, three positions are open. Members have the right to vote in person or through the mail for the director in their district. All cooperative members receive an annual cooperative report with voting instructions.

Your Board of Directors employs a CEO/general manager who is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the system. The CEO/GM hires the personnel and specialists required to perform all duties necessary to provide reliable electric service.

Board of Directors

MIchael Lerwick

Michael Lerwick

District 11

Gary Smith

Gary Smith

District 12

Ed Prosser

Ed Prosser

District 13

Jerry Burnett

Jerry Burnett 

District 14


Damon Birkhofer

District 15

Kosha Olsen

Kosha Olsen

District 16


Kevin Thomas

District 17

district map