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2023 Scholarship Applications Due Soon!
Members interested in running for seats on the Board of Directors can download and submit their appl...
The Christmas season gives us so many reasons to be thankful and to count our blessings. At High Wes...

Energy Solutions Articles

Holiday Season: 12 Days of Energy Savings

Celebrate the holidays with lower energy bills using these 12 cost-saving tips.

Going Electric at Home: Home Heating

Home electrification is the future. How we heat our homes will change for the better with highly efficient heat pump technology.

Is Your Home Ready for Winter?

Don't let your home get caught in the cold.

You Can Perform a Home Energy Walkthrough

See how you can take the first steps to saving energy and increasing comfort with a home energy assessment.

Home Appliances: The Biggest Energy Users

Appliances and electronics work hard making your life easier, but they also add to your energy bills.