Throughout the Cooperative's service area for qualifying members in accordance with the Cooperative's membership agreement, Bylaws, policies, regulations, and the Conditions of Service set forth herein, as well as applicable rules of the Wyoming Public Service Commission. 


For dusk to dawn lighting service to members that are receiving service for domestic, commercial and other uses. 

Type of Service

Single-phase, 60 hertz, at available secondary voltage. 

Monthly Rate

150-Watt Metal Halide (per lamp) $14.26
175-Watt Metal Halide (per lamp) $15.39
175-Watt Mercury Vapor (per lamp) $15.39
250-Watt Mercury Vapor (per lamp) $19.49
400-Watt Mercury Vapor (per lamp) $27.70
150 Watt HPS (per lamp) $15.39
200 Watt HPS (per lamp) $19.49
50 LED (per lamp) $15.39
73 LED (per lamp) $15.39
91 Verdeon LED (per lamp) $19.49
60/75/135 LED (per lamp) $19.49
80/153/165 LED (per lamp) $27.70
97 LED (per lamp) $27.70
143 Verdeon LED (per lamp) $27.70
400 LED (per lamp) $27.70

Tariff Rate Rider

This rate schedule is subject to the Tariff Rate Rider set forth on Sheet Nos. 79, 81, 81a, and 81b.

Condition of Service

  1. For new installations, a member is required to take service for at least 12 months. 
  2. Installations include one service pole and one span of secondary. Additional costs beyond this basic service shall be borne by the member. 
  3. The above rate includes luminaire light fixtures and suitable controls.