Throughout the Cooperative’s service area for qualifying members in accordance with the Cooperative’s membership agreement, Bylaws, policies, regulations, and the Conditions of Service set forth herein, as well as applicable Rules of the Wyoming Public Service Commission.

To members who install and use facilities primarily to offset part or all of the member-generator’s requirements for electricity by using solar, wind, biomass, or hydropower. The production of electrical energy is located on the member-generator’s premises. Service under this schedule is limited to a maximum capacity of 25 kW. This schedule is offered in compliance with Wyoming Statute Ann §§37-16-101 to 104.

To members with an installed transformer capacity of 50 kVa or less, excluding the members on an optional rate.

Type of Service
Single-phase, 60 hertz, at available secondary voltage.

Monthly Rate
The monthly billing from the Cooperative shall be in accordance with the applicable rate schedule. The member is responsible for any existing contract minimum on the account.

If a member elects to incur an additional charge for purchase of “Renewable Energy” the charge will be $0.003 per subscribed kWh not to exceed total monthly usage.

Generation Credit
The Cooperative shall pay for all energy generated in excess of the member’s usage at no less than the effective avoided energy cost.

Special Conditions

  1. If the electricity supplied by the Cooperative exceeds the electricity generated by the member-generator, the price specified in the EnergyCharge section of the Monthly Rate of the applicable standard service tariff shall be applied to the positive balance owed to theCooperative.
    1. If the electricity supplied by the member-generator exceeds that supplied by the Cooperative, the member will be billed for theappropriate monthly charges and shall be credited for such net energy with the kilowatt-hour credit appearing on the bill for thefollowing month.
    2. At the beginning of each calendar year, any remaining unused kilowatt-hour credit accumulated during the previous year shall besold to the Cooperative at no less than the average avoided energy cost for the applicable calendar year.
  2. A net metering facility shall meet all applicable safety and performance standards established by the National Electrical Code, the Instituteof Electrical and Electronics Engineers and Underwriters Laboratories.
  3. The member-generator shall at its expense, provide lockable switching equipment capable of isolating the net metering facility from theCooperative’s system. Such equipment shall be approved by the Cooperative and shall be accessible by the Cooperative at all times.
  4. The Cooperative shall not be liable directly or indirectly for permitting or continuing to allow an attachment of a net metering facility or forthe acts or omission of the member-generator that cause loss or injury, including death, to any third party.