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How to Read Your New Bill

When High West members get their monthly bill in the mail in August, they will see that it delivers ...
How has the High West Energy family of companies maintained a commitment to safety during the COVID-...
One June 18, 2020, High West Energy will be hosting our 83rd Annual Member Meeting,

Your Safety Comes First

High West Energy, High West Digital Solutions and High West Wiring are continuing to work every day ...
We’ve missed you!!! High West Energy, High West Wiring and High West Digital Solutions are excited t...

Energy Solutions Articles

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Celebrate the holidays with lower energy bills using these 12 cost-saving tips.

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Home electrification is the future. How we heat our homes will change for the better with highly efficient heat pump technology.

You Can Perform a Home Energy Walkthrough

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5 Things You Should Know About Charging EVs

Electric vehicle owners can benefit from the convenience and lower cost of charging at home before hitting the road.

Home Appliances: The Biggest Energy Users

Appliances and electronics work hard making your life easier, but they also add to your energy bills.

Solar Answers: Is Solar Right For You?

How do you know if solar energy is right for you?